Beta release, RCFV.2.3.2358.4789 (Updated 2023-09-12)

  • Version RCFV.2.3.2358.4789
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  • Create Date 2023-09-12

Change log for version 2.3


( 1) Fixed a problem with over-zealous treatment of what is "hidden text", e.g.

( 2) Added a missing automatic refresh when a web query is canceled.

( 3) Fixed a typo which caused a data type mismatch when modifying the buffer offset value

( 4) Fixed a problem where some url images were incorrectly perceived as duplicates and therefore removed from the text when converting to HTML using Copy and Edit.

( 5) When removing a file which is not the last, the subsequent file would take on the font characteristics of the removed file. This has been fixed.

( 6) The context menu entry "Unset filter, then find selected text" now works correctly

( 7) Added support for urls using the HTTP protocol which only work with HTTPS

( 8) Fixed a problem where tables inside of figure tags were being ignored

( 9) Fixed a problem where multiple versions of the same image with different resolutions were treated as different images during Copy and Edit

(10) Fixed a problem where hyphenated tags were not being processed correctly.

(11) Fixed a number of problems which caused incorrect table and blockquote formatting in certain cases.

(12) Urls containing a subdirectory named "audio" (case-insensitive), e.g., will be treated as downloadable only audio files despite not having an audio extension.

(13) Fixed responsiveness of filter toggle button.

(14) Fixed the case where hidden text information at the top of the file would prevent ^s from using the web page title as the subject of the email.

(15) Fixed a problem where some images would not be rendered in Outlook when converting to HTML using Copy and Edit.

(16) Fixed a problem where the wrong data may be used when dropping text which contains embedded file names but no urls.

(17) Fixed a couple of problems related to doing a file search via a right-click of "add Files" when minimizing the primary window during a long search.

(18) Fixed a problem with the sync'ing of the (pin) on-top button and the actual on-top status.

(19) Fixed a serious bug which could cause the program to freeze when pasted text contained quoted strings. Multiple urls and/or files may be pasted or dropped into the viewer to be processed. However, if more than one is one a single line then all such items MUST be quoted. For example,

"" ""

will have all of the urls recognized but

"" ""

may not.

(20) Fixed a problem when deleting urls from the url history list. If delete was pressed but no urls had been selected and there was a warning message to this effect that message would preclude any further deletions from happening until the program was restarted.

(21) Fixed a problem where urls containing spaces were considered invalid when attempting to load them from a 'list file', viz., the list of pre-read files to be reloaded in a batch.

(22) Fixed a problem where urls containing "#" could cause filtering to get out of sync and generate beeps when the cursor was over an "apparently" bad hyperlink.



( 1) The default download filename now uses the rightmost two url fields to create a possibly more meaningful name.

( 2) Added the right-click option to the "t" command on the button bar to make it equivalent to the "Pin on top" button, i.e., go to the bottom of the file and, if there already, go to the top.

( 3) Next page processing is now always attempted when the host name of the original url and the potential next one to be read are identical. Previously, if the host names were the same but the 2 urls differed substantially the next page was ignored, e.g.,

Plus other miscellaneous fixes