Release, RCFV.3.1.2382.4794 (Updated 2024-01-12)

  • Version RCFV.3.1.2382.4794
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  • Create Date 2024-01-12

Change log for version 3.1


( 1) Fixed a number of problems when selecting columns using delimiter separated values. In particular, if you selected column 0 it would match the whole line if there was no matching delimiter.

( 2) Fixed a problem which caused an unnecessary refresh when the buffer size was changed.

( 3) Fixed a problem related to default startup files where the default folder name was not attached to the file(s) and therefore the files or wildcards would be incorrectly marked as invalid or would access the wrong data.

( 4) Fixed a problem with large buffer sizes (over 1MB or so) which could cause processing to slow down drastically when selecting text. Note that this requires temporarily disabling automatic link recognition.

( 5) Extracted text which contained the escape character, viz., a backslash, such as a file path would be incorrectly "unescaped". For example, "C: ext" would have the " " replaced by a tab character.

( 6) Fixed a problem with certain urls which can't be resolved correctly in RCFV. For example, we try to handle urls from by looking up the subject and, therefore, don't always return the exact article referenced by the url. That is by design. However, the process was somewhat flawed and could return an invalid url.

( 7) Added support for {Shift}+{Ctrl}+{w} = toggle word-wrap, which was documented but not implemented.

( 8) Removed some unnecessary, annoying refreshes particularly when replacing an existing file with another.

( 9) Added support for quoted delimiters when selecting columns. For example, for this line of text one,two,"1,234",four the filter string $^3, should select four. In other words, the comma in "1,234" will not be considered a 'column' delimiter.

(10) Fixed a problem where non-HTML files were incorrectly stripped of newline characters.

(11) Fixed a problem where a url containing a "goto" section identifier, viz., text after "#", e.g.,, would create a spurious error message if the "goto" text contained a regular expression character.

(12) Improved the calculation of the next url in a multipage url which used the <link rel="next" tag, if it appeared, as the "next page" which overrode a better, numeric "next page" value.

New features:

( 1) In the unlikely case you need to, you can now use a specific digit as the delimiter for columns. For example, "$^20" will select the 3rd column delimited by a "0". Of course, if you want to use ANY digit as the 4th column delimiter, for example, you can use "$^3d". The help file has been updated to reflect this.

( 2) Added the option to remove surrounding spaces and quotation marks from matched text. For example, for this text: one , two ,"1,234" ,four if all items were matched using column-delimiter matching expression such as '$^0,', '$^1,', etc. and extracted with a semi-colon instead of a comma the result would be one;two;1,234;four.

( 3) A number of filters have been updated including the two important ones below.

Here is an updated filter for

Include filters: Case Insensitive

Exclude filters: Case Insensitive
$^ *

Here is an updated filter for recent google news. Note that the last two normal matches ^More and ^________+ should use a match color equivalent to the background color which currently defaults to black:

Include filters: Case Insensitive
d+ (minutes?|hours?) ago  20dd(?=-)
d+ days? ago  20dd(?=-)
$^PM3 [23]d.+20dd(?=-)

Exclude filters: Case Insensitive
$^ *

Note that these should update automatically when you install this release.

Plus, as always, some other minor issues.