Change logs

Change log for version 2.2


( 1) Requesting unique data lines when extracting text using matching could cause an error:
“This key is already associated with an element of this collection”

( 2) When using Copy and edit to back create HMTL
– Added support for image urls embedded in a primary url
– Added support for certain image urls containing embedded formatting information

( 3) When attempting to open multiple urls/files if two or more were identical then some or all of the selected urls/files would be ignored

( 4) Fixed a problem where the Esc key was not being recognized during a multifile find operation

( 5) Fixed a problem with certain HTML table renditions

( 6) Fixed a problem where some hyperlinks were incorrect

( 7) Image processing for ‘Copy and edit’ has been improved and a number of problems were fixed particularly when choosing to display 2-5 or all images per line when only image urls are selected

( 8) Removed spurious CAPTION, etc. text from figures which can’t be rendered by RCFV

( 9) Fixed a problem where urls containing an embedded ‘https://’ such as ‘…’ were incorrectly modified

(10) Fixed a problem where certain url’s ‘next page value’ was not calculated correctly because the host name looked like downloadable data

(11) Fixed {Ctrl}+{d} (duplicate line) and {Ctrl}+{l} (delete line) code in the scratchpad

(12) Significantly improved the code which was slowing down matching of urls against the url history list

(13) Fixed a number of issues related to pasting and processing HTML text

(14) Fixed a longstanding issue where, if multiple lines of text were selected which contained a hyperlink, the left click popup menu would be invoked.

(15) Fixed a problem when dropping or pasting multiple html files which prevented the user from viewing them as literal text or processing the html text

(16) When pasting HTML text containing urls, the option to reformat the urls to a separate line was not provided unless there were urls preceded by a space or a tab. Now any url found in the text not already starting on a new line will trigger the option.


New features:

( 1) Added support for Flipboard entries

( 2) Added the ability to explicitly set the RGB value for the filter color values via a right-click

( 3) You can now automatically append “^^” and “$$” to the beginning of a SINGLE line of filter text which is dragged from the viewer to the include filter. Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging to prepend “^^” to the dragged text or the Alt key to prepend “$$”. This makes it easier to create Start-End expressions. If you use this for the exclude filter the Start-End prefixes, viz., “^^” and “$$”, will not be appended (they are invalid in the exclude filter) but the selected line will automatically be added to the filter.

( 4) Some sites store the text to display as part of a JSON structure. RCFV now extracts that text enabling you to read the essence of the web page albeit without ideal formatting, e.g., Note that to view JSON text you must enable the “Show hidden text” option. (Note that hidden text may be displayed automatically if there is little other text available to display on a web page.) To improve the readability of JSON text we suggest you also check the ‘Fix up run-on text’ web page option.

( 5) Double-clicking while the {Ctrl} key is depressed will select the “paragraph”, viz., all text between the preceding linefeed and the subsequent carriage-return.

( 6) Display of and captioning for web images using ‘Copy and edit’ has been improved.

( 7) Using ‘Copy and edit’ when your selection contains only image links or files you have the option of displaying them in a columnar format with all on one line or in 2-5 columns (N-up). When you do this the default image width is normally used. You now have the option of overriding the width value to force all of the images to have the specified width and fit perfectly in each column. Note that this may cause some images to be distorted. You can use this to constrain the width of other images as well although this is probably less useful.



( 1) The F12 function, “drag to window”, which allowed you to create an on-top small window to drag data to is no longer supported. It is unnecessary since you can just do the same to the taskbar icon.

( 2) Modifed the context menu to indicate that when a file or files are selected you have the option of opening them in their associated application which is not necessarily the default browser.

( 3) If the filters are otherwise empty except for a $^F4 (auto-advance to first text block) filtering will be turned off.

( 4) Pressing the ‘Save filters’ button for a url without a matching fvf file will use the url value as the template for the default fvf file name instead of ‘Default.fvf’ if the Default.fvf file exists.

( 5) Some filter updates but especially for recent (Google) news, to wit,

Include filters: Case Insensitive
\d+ (minutes|hours) ago 20\d\d(?=-)
\d+ days ago 20\d\d(?=-)
$^PM3 [23]\d.+20\d\d(?=-)

Exclude filters: Case Insensitive



( 1) svg image files are not currently renderable by ‘Copy and edit’


plus other miscellaneous bug fixes 

Change log for version 2.0

New features:

(1) Added a new quick lookup feature. Using {Ctrl}+{F2} optionally including the {Shift} or {Alt} keys followed by a single alphanumeric character (within a few seconds) such that that alphanumeric character may be used to quickly select one or more lookup list urls. Each item description may optionally be decorated at the beginning with one or more alphanumeric characters followed by a colon. When the character selected by the keystroke following {Ctrl}+{F2} or one of the other variants matches one of those “decorations” the list item will be selected.

Note that the match is case-insensitive, viz., “Q” will match “q”.

{Ctrl}+{F2} then keystroke ==> use tbe browser to open the matched urls (see below)
{Ctrl}+{Shift}+{F2} then keystroke ==> open the matched urls in RCFV (with the option to open in the browser instead)
{Ctrl}+{Alt}+{F2} then keystroke ==> append the matched urls to the scratchpad

For example, if the list items are as follows:

[i:Bing images ***] ;***: USE BROWSER ONLY

g” following {Ctrl}+{F2}, etc. selects Google, “b” selects Bing, and “2” selects both

( 2) All variants of lookup may now be done from the scratchpad as well using whatever text is highlighted or the current word, if any.

( 3) Added the ability to right-click a normal filter button highlight color to be able to copy that color to all subsequent buttons to its right

( 4) Added an option to “Copy and edit” to copy the simplified HTML of the viewer text directly to the clipboard obviating the need to copy the HTML from a browser tab

( 5) Added an unescape function for selected text in the scratchpad to deal with “encoded” urls such as

It will also “decode” urls which contain Unicode constants for all ASCII characters, viz., “\u0000” through “\u00ffsuch as “https:\u002F\” => “https:\\

( 6) Added the ability to use F7 (paste special RCFV control characters) in the scratch pad

( 7) Added support for the tab key in the scratchpad

( 8) Added support for column selection where the columns are delimited by multiple spaces, e.g., $^2\s will select the third column where the columns are delimited by one or more spaces

( 9) {Alt}+{/} may be used anywhere to toggle the control panel and make the viewer the active control. Note that the  {/} key alone may only be used to do this when the viewer is the active control.

(10) Updated videos for early instances of version 2 and added a new video: Extracting Columns From A Csv File

(11) Added the ability to select only folder names for a path list when selecting “files” (right-click ‘add files’)

(12) Added the option to extract only unique lines of data when right-clicking the Refresh button (match extraction)

(13) Added the option to include date and file and folder size attributes in path lists

(14) Extra control has been added to Bulk File Selection (right-click add Files) such that one can ignore non-text files dynamically for each selection and also ignore hidden files and all files, hidden or not, which are located in hidden folders

(15) Added a marker character, ‘‘, after the link descriptor text when the urls are moved below the text when using Copy and edit to paste text with links to the clipboard

(16) Pressing the Escape key in the viewer may be used to (1) stop long-running operations, (2) cancel most dialog boxes, (3) unselect any highlighted text and (4) pause auto-scrolling


( 1) Deepl translation as a Lookup feature has been removed. You can download their free translate app which works in a similar way within any program at It has been replaced in RCFV by Reverso translation. For existing users the changes appear in ‘LookupText.install.txt‘ in the Data folder.

( 2) After an fvf file was matched by a url the file name used to be copied to the clipboard. That is no longer the case: the clipboard will now remain undisturbed by an fvf file match. One can interrogate the name of the matching fvf file by pressing {Alt}+{v} which will append that file name to the scratchpad.


( 1) Fixed FastReplace error due to unsorted inputs

( 2) Fixed problem with “$” regular expression characther when used in a Find {F3}

( 3) Modified the code which inserts “^” and/or “$” in strings dragged from the viewer to the Find input box or one of the filter input boxes

( 4) Fixed lack of removal of “+-” context character prefix when converting to simplified HTML

( 5) Fixed a regression where extended regular expressions starting with “$^::“, viz., match the underlying url value of a standard hyperlink instead of the link text, was not working

( 6) Fixed an issue which prevented HTML text from being processed in RCFV directly

( 7) Fixed lack of support for \t as a delimiter character for column selection, e.g., $^2\t will select the third column where the columns are delimited by tabs

( 8) Fixed a problem where the length of MS Office files was calculated incorrectly since it used the actual length of the source file but not the length of the (automatically) converted text file which is displayed

( 9) Fixed an issue where a new fvf file was unable to be saved due to an invalid file name

(10) Fixed a problem where very small web pages were not displayed properly

(11) Added support for text lines delimited solely by a carriage-return, x’0d’

(12) Fixed a problem where a single line dropped into the include or exclude list input box would be automatically added to the list box

(13) Fixed a bug where a negative regular expression for selecting files (right-click ‘add files’) would only work for the top level folder

(14) Fixed a problem which occurred when changing the “intra-line matched text delimiter” in the General Settings screen

(15) When using {Ctrl}+{s} to send an email containing the current url(s) the redirected url name, if any, is now used instead of the original url. This will also affect other places where the url name is displayed such as the file list.

(16) Fixed a problem where downloadable urls were not being recognized correctly. This issue also suppressed the inclusion of some links which were incorrectly considered duplicates.

(17) Fixed bad reformatting which caused spaces before punctuation followed by a digit to be elided

(18) Fixed a problem where HTML tags inside of <pre></pre> tags were not handled

(19) Fixed a number of issues related to processing multiple files, especially list files (files which start with ‘!’), and the creation of a path file (a single file containing all selected file path names)

(20) Fixed a number of problems related to the number of selected files for a file path

(21) Fixed url copy (right-click 7-Export | Copy selected urls) in the url list (internet command) when ordered by url value

(22) Fixed “Find local label” (an anchor beginning with “#”) so that it actually finds it if it exists in the text

(23) Fixed an issue with file lists where the saved information, e.g., font, colors, etc. was not being applied to the files in the list when they are opened
from a file list

(24) A number of Bulk File Selection (right-click add Files) issues were fixed and/or improved.

(25) Fixed highlighting when a column specification, e.g., $^4\s was ANDed with a normal expression.

(26) When a single file is added to the viewer it is assumed that a path list is not wanted

plus other minor bug fixes

Change log for version 1.2

( 1) Improved recognition of images in files when they are specified as SRCSETs.

( 2) Added support for urls which contain additional ‘//’ strings after the protocol, e.g.,

( 3) Fixed a bug where captured lines containing a backslash, ‘\’, included some spurious characters

( 4) Fixed anchor formatting in superscripts

( 5) Fixed additional HTML formatting issues for back conversion

( 6) Added a new extended regular expression to simplify undelimited column highlighting
– e.g., $^10:5 will match the five characters in every line starting at the 11th column

( 7) Modified and clarified support for drag and drop vs. copy and paste for text added to filters
– you can now copy and paste multiple lines into the filter input box
– the two modes differ only when the source of the text is from the RCFV viewer screen
– drag and drop will escape any regex characters in the string and optionally add
some extra characters such as “^” and/or “$” to make the match more precise

( 8) Modified the algorithm for matching fvf file names such that if there are multiple matches
the file matching the longest string of characters in the url will be used
– if there are multiple such file “expressions” that fit that definition of “best match” then
the longest file name of those will be used
– if there are multiples of those then the first one encountered will be used

( 9) Added the ability for a user defined default fvf file (named, of course, “DEFAULT.fvf”) which,
if it exists, will be used when no other match is found. In the most minimal case it can be used
to define just the default color scheme.

(10) Added support for “msn encoded” news urls

(11) Added support for urls in certain web sites which contain the wrong domain information and
therefore return 404 errors, viz., ‘file not found’ similar to links. We use the same
“hack” to find the correct or very similar url and display its data.

(12) Fixed a bug where dropped or copied text containing a Windows wildcard character, e.g., “?” was
considered a bad file name

(13) Fixed a lookup bug where a “%” character in the lookup text was not being encoded correctly

(14) Fixed performance of option to minimize the RCFV window if a browser window is opened from RCFV

(15) Forced url lookup screen to always be ON TOP in case main window is ON TOP

(16) Increased the number of duplicate links within an anchor tag from 1 to 3

(17) Fixed a big which ignored leading spaces when dragging text to the filter input box

(18) Fixed a problem where certain files were being recognized as images even though they weren’t

(19) Fixed a problem with emphasis tags which could create spurious text

(20) Added a new lookup url and associated fvf file to filter only recent Google News
– we have defined “recent” as the last 10 days or so of the previous month plus the current month’s
data but users can redefine it in other ways if they prefer
[Google News — Recent]
– check out the new video, “Edit Lookup & Create A Date-Based Filter”, at
which describes how it works

(21) Modified the F2 (lookup) button in the panel such that it is enabled even if there is no file in the viewer

(22) Improved recognition when filtering does not select any meaningful text

(23) Fixed a problem where small text in braces, e.g., {Ctrl}, would be deleted

(24) Speeded up startup and filtering

(25) Fixed a potential url history parameter corruption when an invalid numeric value was specified and the
{Enter} key was pressed instead of the RCFV command button

(26) Fixed a problem where a list of image files in the viewer were not recognized as such and, therefore,
were not displayed correctly in the browser when using Copy and edit

plus other minor bug fixes

Change log for version 1.1

( 1) Added multipage support for urls with numeric suffixes which precede an extension, e.g.,

( 2) Added more predefined fractions translated from UNICODE

( 3) Fixed unrecognized left tag bracket in certain urls

( 4) Improved the recognition of images in image tags when the attribute is not obvious, e.g., data-original=”…”

( 5) Added support for partially “encoded” urls in url pages, e.g., This will allow the batch download of Stitcher mp3 files.

( 6) Ensured that changes to a default folder in the Settings will be reflected immediately

( 7) Fixed problem that prevented standard link images from being wrapped horizontally in a browser window

( 8) Fixed Esc key behavior such that it just stops scrolling and does not force a spurious refresh

( 9) Fixed a problem accessing

(10) If the File List is visible but the main window is not then clicking on any line in the list (to go to that file number) will make the main window visible

(11) Some sites, such as, hide relevant information and require the “Display hidden text” option

(12) Hopefully improved recognition of web pages which contain non-empty tables. This will result in fewer false warning messages about word-wrap being used with table data.

(13) Fixed next page recognition when it is “hidden” in the ALT attribute text of an image

(14) Allows next page recognition when the assumed next page is significantly different from the initial url but the latter contains a redirect

(15) Repaired several formatting errors when converting web text back to HTML via ‘Copy and edit’

(16) Changed redundant {Alt}+{p} key to {Alt}+{f} for PDF creation in the browser

(17) Using {y} key to toggle filtering caused focus to be lost in viewer

(18) Fixed potential overflow when evaluating images when converting to HTML

(19) The “Display hidden text” option has been extended to include text included within <FORM…> tags

(20) Improved recognition and download of new releases when right-clicking the Help button and selecting option 2

(21) Fixed incorrect handling of some unreadable urls such as….

(22) Added support for image urls without an explicit image extension but which contain the literal string “IMAGE”, e.g.,

(23) Added support for “implied domains” (“site” meta tag attribute value) for

(24) Updated fvf files which contained the string “`S.+`S” to “`S[^`S]+`S” since the former matches too many alternatives and might prevent a better matching pattern from being selected

plus other miscellaneous, minor problem fixes