Release, RCFV.2.2.2351.4784 (Updated 2023-06-19)

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  • Create Date 2023-06-21

Change log for version 2.2


( 1) Requesting unique data lines when extracting text using matching could cause an error:
"This key is already associated with an element of this collection"

( 2) When using Copy and edit to back create HMTL
- Added support for image urls embedded in a primary url
- Added support for certain image urls containing embedded formatting information

( 3) When attempting to open multiple urls/files if two or more were identical then some or all of the selected urls/files would be ignored

( 4) Fixed a problem where the Esc key was not being recognized during a multifile find operation

( 5) Fixed a problem with certain HTML table renditions

( 6) Fixed a problem where some hyperlinks were incorrect

( 7) Image processing for 'Copy and edit' has been improved and a number of problems were fixed particularly when choosing to display 2-5 or all images per line when only image urls are selected

( 8) Removed spurious CAPTION, etc. text from figures which can't be rendered by RCFV

( 9) Fixed a problem where urls containing an embedded 'https://' such as '' were incorrectly modified

(10) Fixed a problem where certain url's 'next page value' was not calculated correctly because the host name looked like downloadable data

(11) Fixed {Ctrl}+{d} (duplicate line) and {Ctrl}+{l} (delete line) code in the scratchpad

(12) Significantly improved the code which was slowing down matching of urls against the url history list

(13) Fixed a number of issues related to pasting and processing HTML text

(14) Fixed a longstanding issue where, if multiple lines of text were selected which contained a hyperlink, the left click popup menu would be invoked.

(15) Fixed a problem when dropping or pasting multiple html files which prevented the user from viewing them as literal text or processing the html text

(16) When pasting HTML text containing urls, the option to reformat the urls to a separate line was not provided unless there were urls preceded by a space or a tab. Now any url found in the text not already starting on a new line will trigger the option.

(17) Fixed a couple of bugs related to urls which end with "/?"

(18) Fixed responsiveness of {Esc} key when attempting to open multiple files

(19) Fixed a problem where null characters, , were being deleted which affected the correctness of the hex viewer.


New features:

( 1) Added support for Flipboard entries

( 2) Added the ability to explicitly set the RGB value for the filter color values via a right-click

( 3) You can now automatically append "^^" and "$$" to the beginning of a SINGLE line of filter text which is dragged from the viewer to the include filter. Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging to prepend "^^" to the dragged text or the Alt key to prepend "$$". This makes it easier to create Start-End expressions. If you use this for the exclude filter the Start-End prefixes, viz., "^^" and "$$", will not be appended (they are invalid in the exclude filter) but the selected line will automatically be added to the filter.

( 4) Some sites store the text to display as part of a JSON structure. RCFV now extracts that text enabling you to read the essence of the web page albeit without ideal formatting, e.g., Note that to view JSON text you must enable the "Show hidden text" option. To improve the readability of some JSON text we suggest you also check the 'Fix up run-on text' web page option.

( 5) Hidden text processing has been improved a bit. If the "Show hidden text" option is not specified (which is the norm) then when there is a non-trivial amount of "significant" hidden text, viz., greater than 20% or so of the total text, you will be notified at the top of the document. (Note that hidden text will no longer be displayed automatically if there is little other text available to display on a web page.)

( 6) Double-clicking while the {Ctrl} key is depressed will select the "paragraph", viz., all text between the preceding linefeed and the subsequent carriage-return.

( 7) Display of and captioning for web images using 'Copy and edit' has been improved.

( 8) Using 'Copy and edit' when your selection contains only image links or files you have the option of displaying them in a columnar format with all on one line or in 2-5 columns (N-up). When you do this the default image width is normally used. You now have the option of overriding the width value to force all of the images to have the specified width and fit perfectly in each column. Note that this may cause some images to be distorted. You can use this to constrain the width of other images as well although this is probably less useful.

( 9) You can now use the {m} quick-key while in the viewer to convert the current display font to monospaced, viz., Courier New.

(10) When dragging text from the viewer to a filter box regex special characters will always be escaped ("" prepended). However, when dragging text from the scratchpad or other source you may not want to escape the text because, for example, it is already escaped or it is a well-formed regular expression. You now will be asked if you want to have it escaped automatically if it contains an unescaped regular expression special character.



( 1) The {F12} function, "drag to window", which allowed you to create an on-top small window to drag data to is no longer supported. It is unnecessary since you can just do the same to the taskbar icon.

( 2) Modifed the context menu to indicate that when a file or files are selected you have the option of opening them in their associated application which is not necessarily the default browser.

( 3) If the filters are otherwise empty except for a $^F4 (auto-advance to first text block) filtering will be turned off.

( 4) Pressing the 'Save filters' button for a url without a matching fvf file will use the url value as the template for the default fvf file name instead of 'Default.fvf' if the Default.fvf file exists.

( 5) RCFV typically looks for embedded urls and/or files in pasted text and gives you the option of opening those instead of the containing text. This can take a little time for large files so it has been removed for files larger than 20,000 characters or having greater than 1000 lines. You can always create a filter for those objects and extract them from the larger text if that's what you want to do. Since this is probably atypical it was decided that the performance penalty wasn't worth the slight benefit.

( 6) Drastically improved the performance when deleting multiple urls while in url name order

( 7) When dragging and dropping or pasting MULTIPLE lines to the exclude filter input box, if at least one of those lines is "blank" (only contains 0 or more space characters), it may cause the display to become less legible considering that one or more spacing lines will be filtered out. In this case the blank line expressions will NOT be included in the filter list to retain proper spacing for the document. Hint: make sure that the RCFV special expression "$^ *" is included in the exclude filter to remove extraneous blank lines.

( 8) Some filter updates were made but, most importantly, recent (Google) news was corrected, to wit,

Include filters: Case Insensitive
d+ (minutes|hours) ago 20dd(?=-)
d+ days ago 20dd(?=-)
$^PM3 [23]d.+20dd(?=-)

Exclude filters: Case Insensitive



( 1) svg image files are not currently renderable by 'Copy and edit'


plus other miscellaneous bug fixes