The latest release, RCFV.4.1.2394.4804 (Updated 2024-05-28)

  • Version RCFV.4.1.2394.4804
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  • Create Date 2024-05-28

Change log for version 4.1


( 1) Fixed a problem where soft hyphens, ­ , were replaced by regular hyphens (

( 2) Fixed a long-standing problem where unprotected urls in the url list which matched the deletion pattern and age were being ignored and not deleted at program end.

( 3) Fixed a problem where the use of the 'hide text' regular expression prefix $^-- might potentially affect a url or file name. The latter are now "protected" from being modified by the '$^--' expression.

( 4) Updated lookup for Google search in LookupText.txt to [g:Google]

( 5) Some information in the Help file regarding filtering and the hexadecimal view has been corrected and elaborated on.

New features:

( 1) You can now use the numeric keypad cursor operations regardless of the setting of the NumLock toggle. This is particularly useful for a laptop which does not have dedicated cursor movement keys such as {Home}, {End}, etc.

( 2) Added TTS (text to speech) support with various options for selecting what gets spoken and whether link and emphasis start/end get voiced or not. TTS support in the release version has a large number of improvements over the initial implementation in the beta release.