On this page you will find a number of examples of some of the capabilities of RCFV. This is a good way to see why you might want to invest the time to learn how to use the program. Although these videos are not an exhaustive overview of every aspect of the software they are representative of some of the most salient features, viz., text and url filtering, multipage read, file/url combining, data extraction using regular expressions, back conversion to HTML for exporting, plus almost full screen views with potentially very large (or small) font sizes for your viewing comfort.

Videos which have been updated for release 2 are colored RED.

Manual and auto-scroll example

Filtering task scheduler output

Multipage web text displayed using two different filters

Filtering multiple urls

Select and capture names from a web page

Reading a large number of ancillary pages from one url into one RCFV file

Batch downloading multiple podcasts

Combining a multiple term lookup into one RCFV file and then exporting it as an HTML file

Combining two articles from the same host with filtering

Resizing photos and displaying as a tableau

Read multiple pages from web and then use 'Copy and edit' to display images

Selecting Rows From A Table And Colorizing Them Via Filter Settings (1)

Selecting Rows From A Table And Colorizing Them Via Filter Settings (2)

Edit Lookup & Create A Date-Based Filter

Using a very large font for the visually impaired​

Create Emails Using Filtered Text, Images, And Links