Release, RCFV.3.0.2373.4792 (Updated 2023-11-21)

  • Version RCFV.3.0.2373.4792
  • Download 7543
  • File Size 6.02 MB
  • Create Date 2023-11-21

Note: this release includes changes for version 2.4 (which was never included in an official release). Check out the Change Logs for details.

Change log for version 3.0


( 1) Dragging one or more empty lines followed by a non-blank line from the scratchpad to a filter input box might cause the program to crash

( 2) Extracting text to the scratchpad was excessively slow with a large number of items.

( 3) Pasting some HTML text containing multiple urls, e.g., from EverNote, only recognized the first url.

( 4) Added the ability to save "manual" fvf files for files which are not urls. This was mistakenly removed in an earlier release.

( 5) Fixed lookup encoding to include some missing significant HTML url characters, e.g., "#".

( 6) Explicit links in a webpage, e.g., "::", were incorrectly terminated by a newline and are now terminated by a space.

New features:

( 1) We've added the ability to define extraction templates to add text to and change the order of matched text. When you right-click the Refresh button you are given the option to create a template or just use the existing functionality. An example is provided in the Help file.

Plus some other minor issues.